New Update on BCDC- 2020.12.27

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There have been few events and updates on BCDC platform recently.

1. Bonus Farming period has ended at block 11498000. Now BCDC will be distributed to those who stake their BASIC token or BCDC-ETH LP with 0.64 BCDC per block (0.64 BCDC per block is shared among all the users of both pools.)

2. Christmas Secret Airdrop to BCDC holders has been successfully distributed. — $ZODI has distributed to the holders of BCDC with snapshot taken at 9:00 am GMT+9 by etherscan. If you have any queries about the airdrop, please do not hesitate to query through BASIC community.

Thanks to our community with your interest on BCDC.

Also, there will be new features added to BCDC platform today at 18:00 pm (GMT+9).

1. ETH-BCDC LP pool open — farming starts at 19:00 pm (GMT+9)

2. Zap added to ETH-BCDC

As we announced earlier, BCDC-ETH LP farming pool will be added to current “Stake” platform. Users can now use their farmed BCDC with ETH to provide liquidity on Uniswap, then stake their LP token to farm more BCDC.

In order to make BCDC market more active, BCDC-ETH LP pool will be given more portion in farming BCDC. We hope that this will give more incentives to those who provide liquidity for BCDC LP and make market more active.

In order to provide easier access to ETH-BCDC LP and save transaction fee providing BCDC-ETH LP, our team added ZAP consisting one step action of providing liquidity. For those who are unfamiliar with ZAP, ZAP is an automated workflow that connects your apps and services together with consisting one or more action. With ZAP, the users only need ETH in their wallet to provide LP and earn LP tokens. Bridge connecting DeFi & CeFi

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