New update 03/12/2021

After successfully launching BCDC Swap, the liquidity has added over $1.5 million with the migration of Uniswap liquidity to BCDC’s ecosystem.

As an early phase, the project aims to create strong foundation liquidity which allows us to create new liquidity to the BCDC ecosystem. Successful completion of the first phase is achieved by creating a BCDC farming pool by putting weight on the BCDC-ETH BLP pool. Over 95% of BCDC liquidity from Uniswap has migrated to BCDC Swap.

To make BCDC swap more active and allow the users to trade with profound liquidity, BCDC will be opening an invitation-only farming pool in order to give more benefits to large liquidity providers. The small portion of farming BCDC will be provided as an invitational-only pool. In this way, we hope to achieve profound liquidity to trade on BCDC Swap with various tokens.

Please do not hesitate to apply for participating invitation-only pool.

Invitation Pool Application:

What is BCDC Swap?

BCDC swap is a decentralized transaction protocol built upon AMM and exchange pools on the Ethereum network and hard forked from Uniswap. Bridge connecting DeFi & CeFi

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