Liquidity Migration Event

After successfully launching BCDC SWAP, the project is preparing for the Liquidity Migration Event in order to provide more liquidity to BCDC SWAP making DEX more active.

In order to give incentives to the stakeholders to move their liquidity to BCDC SWAP, the BCDC platform will open a new pool of BCDC-ETH BCDC LP Pool.

BCDC-ETH BCDC LP Pool will have more weight on farming BCDC when staked. Current farming weight on Uniswap LP Pool and Basic Pool will be adjusted.

Make sure you migrate your liquidity to BCDC SWAP for the best opportunity to farm more BCDC.

New Pool’s farming will start in 2021. 03. 05. at 7:00 (GMT+9).

Additional pools to inspire people to provide liquidity to BCDC SWAP will be added in the future. So stay tuned for our updates!