Introducing BCDC SWAP

BCDC Finance has launched a decentralized exchange ‘BCDC SWAP’ on March 4, 2021. ( BCDC Swap, which is a DEX (decentralized exchange) inspired by and hard forked from Uniswap, aims to be DEX that offers a connection between CeFi projects and DeFi.

By connecting to their Metamask Wallet or other DeFi usable wallets, anyone can use BCDC Swap 24/7, anywhere, and convert various tokens to each other with the digital assets they have.

BCDC token, which is the governance token of, will also have a role as a governance token in BCDC Swap. The token holders of the BCDC token will be able to participate in sharing opinions on the future process of BCDC Swap.

In order to migrate the liquidity from Uniswap, will add an additional pool, BCDC-ETH bLP token pool (LP token from BCDC Swap). BCDC-ETH bLP pool will have more weight on farming BCDC in order to give incentives for holders to migrate to BCDC Swap.

Following the launch on the 4th, the information on the start of the new additional pool will be updated. Bridge connecting DeFi & CeFi

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