Introducing BCDC.Finance

What is BCDC?


Bridge Connecting DeFi & CeFi(a.k.a. BCDC Finance) is a decentralized autonomous organization (a.k.a. DAO) that aims to create the DeFi platform which builds the bridge between CeFi and DeFi platform. BCDC platform strives to provide autonomous yield generating strategies to the users with the smartest yields by merging various investment vehicles from CeFi and DeFi.

Other than operational governance by using BCDC token, BCDC token holders will be also able to provide strategy contracts and vote on what goes live and when in order to decentralize autonomous strategy execution. In this way, the users/holders can actively suggest and build DeFi platform together.

Furthermore, once Vault strategy contributors will be rewarded with 0.5% of the yield generated by the vault. 2% of all profits generated from these strategies are used to auto market-buy the BCDC token.

(*Please note that the fees mentioned above are subject to change)

* Please note that the content on this article does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other advice. The content of this article is subject to change.


Initial Features

Phase 1

  1. Farming with BASIC/Liquidity: For initial liquidity farming to earn BCDC, the users can stake their BASIC token on BCDC platform. Once enough liquidity will distribute to the participants. We plan to open BCDC-ETH UniV2 farming pool to provide further incentives to the liquidity providers and holders. Also, this will give the users who don’t get a chance to get BASIC token to also participate in farming BCDC token. Liquidity Farming will start from block 11418000 and end at block 12744250 (around 6 months).

Phase 2

  1. Vault: Vaults execute strategies to automate the best yield farming opportunities available. By merging the investment strategies from both DeFi projects and CeFi projects, the BCDC team aims to provide a connection between DeFi and CeFi.

* There can be restrictions from the local governments in connecting CeFi and DeFi platforms. BCDC team will work our best to provide the connection between the two.


Liquidity Generation Event

To provide fluent liquidity of BCDC and benefit to Basic holders, BCDC will be distributed with a liquidity generating event with a bonus amount for initial 80,000 blocks(around 2 weeks). Stake Basic to the BCDC fair launch smart contract to receive tokens. A total of 100,000 $BCDC will be distributed to those who staked their Basic token to earn $BCDC during liquidity generating bonus event. After the liquidity generation event ends, BCDC-ETH Pool will be added to the liquidity farming APP. The users may remove the staked token any time they want from the contract.

To encourage real value and TVL to flow into the BCDC platform, BCDC smart contracts employ interchangeable strategies that earn $BCDC inside the LP pools. To begin with, the BCDC-ETH LP pool and Basic pool will be two pools that the users can earn more $BCDC. This gives a great incentive to anyone who wants to earn more $BCDC and Basic token holders.

Many believe that the act of adding additional pools is disincentivized by the fact that the rewards for the existing pools (same reward per block) will be distributed among other pools. Therefore, adding other pools that are unrelated will be decided by BCDC token holders.


Farming with Finite BCDC

We have seen early DeFi projects with infinite minting of governance/reward tokens caused inflation of tokens and degrade their value, which demotivates the holders to participate further in the platform. In order to solve this problem, BCDC team has decided to fix the total supply of BCDC tokens unless the holders decide to mint more from the total supply. Furthermore, using the withdrawal fee from the vault to put buyback market pressure on BCDC and redistribute bought BCDC to LPs. This will provide autonomous market circulation of BCDC redistributed to the liquidity providers of BCDC.

*The strategy provided above is subject to change due to the communities’ suggestions & decisions.


DeFi & CeFi Vaults with Decentralized Governance

BCDC strives to bridge between CeFi and DeFi platforms. BCDC Vaults smart contracts strategy will be designed to not only use the current DeFi platforms but also build a connection with CeFi platforms such as BASIC. Through BCDC vaults, the DeFi users can also gain access to the yield generating strategy that flows through CeFi platform. This can gain the DeFi users safer vault strategy to stake than DeFi protocols that get flashloan attacks.

By building a bridge between two platforms, we believe that both CeFi and DeFi platforms can benefit from each other by funds from both platforms flow into one another.

These strategies and operations of BCDC platform will be run through community governance. The BCDC holders will be able to decide fees, adding more pools, mining distribution ratio, strategy contract suggestions, etc. Even further, the holders can participate in developing BCDC platform together with BCDC team. BCDC team will do our best to cooperate with the community in order to develop the platform with the help of our community.


Token Metric

Total Supply: 1,000,000 BCDC

Development: 100,000 BCDC

Liquidity Mining: 900,000 BCDC

The portion allocated to the development will be used for various purposes that the project takes such as smart contract audit, airdrops, providing additional liquidity to support fluent market supply.

The main utility of the BCDC token is for the governance of the BCDC DeFi platform. Once farmed from the liquidity pool, BCDC holders can actively participate in the Governance council to share their thoughts on improving the platform.

Also, we are reviewing multiple strategies to offer vaults to the BCDC holders with the fee discount in finding a connection between DeFi and CeFi such as using it as collateral in CeFi services. Bridge connecting DeFi & CeFi

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