BCDC Airdrop Event from Bithumb

Dear BCDC community,

To commemorate the successful launching of BCDC Swap, we are holding an airdrop on BCDC tokens to BASIC holders on the major crypto exchange, Bithumb.

Details are as below:

BASIC (BASIC) Snapshot BCDC Airdrop Event

  • 2021.04.04 (Sun) 00:00 (KST)

Event details: Differential distribution according to the holding ratio of BASIC at the time of snapshot

*The airdrop will be conducted on Bithumb, which will be announced over the coming days. Total of 5,000 BCDC will be airdropped to top BASIC holders

  • All users holding BASIC tokens on Bithumb at the time of the snapshot, will receive BCDC based on BASIC holding ratio
  • The maximum amount a person can receive is 10 BCDC
  • BCDC will be airdropped to top holders until 5,000 BCDC is totally distributed
  • BASIC holders must hold their BASIC tokens in Bithumb.
  • Airdrop will be distributed within a week from the snapshot date (The exact date of snapshot may vary due to the conditions of exchange)

Thank you


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