What is BCDC?


Bridge Connecting DeFi & CeFi(a.k.a. BCDC Finance) is a decentralized autonomous organization (a.k.a. DAO) that aims to create the DeFi platform which builds the bridge between CeFi and DeFi platform. BCDC platform strives to provide autonomous yield generating strategies to the users with the smartest yields by merging various investment vehicles from CeFi and DeFi.

Other than operational governance by using BCDC token, BCDC token holders will be also able to provide strategy contracts and vote on what goes live and when in order to decentralize autonomous strategy execution. …

Dear Basic & BCDC Community,

Thank you for participating in our first NFT Drop Event before launching the BCDC NFT marketplace.

With the participation of our community, BCDC DEX was able to record over + $800,000 of BCDC & BASIC liquidity. There will be more events upcoming related to BCDC’s DEX and NFT marketplace. So, stay tuned for new announcements.

Winners of #1 NFT Drop Event

Dear BCDC & BASIC community,

In celebration of launching BASIC & BCDC’s NFT Marketplace, we are hosting a series of Premium NFT giveaways.

Winners will be drawn 2021.07.05 15:00 (GMT+9)

To Enter:

1. Add Liquidity to BASIC-BCDC in BCDC SWAP

2. Send your BASIC-BCDC BLP Token through the event page

3. Receive BLP Token and farmed BCDC token after the event

4. Win auction proceeds on the NFT drop

NFT Drop : Round 1 Detail

Application Dates
: 2021. 06.18 (18:00 GMT+9) ~ 2021. 06. 21 (14:00 GMT+9)

Event Period
: 2021. 06. 21. (14:00 GMT+9) ~ 2021. 07. …

Dear BCDC community members,

We are happy to announce that BCDC will be launching a Vaults/EARN service onto its platform in July. This Vaults/Earn service is similar to that of Yearn.finance that allows DeFi investors to make profits from yield farming products conducted by smart contract strategies using various DeFi protocols. Unlike most Vaults services provided by other DeFi protocols, BCDC’s Vaults/Earn will provide our community with the best performing yield farming vehicles in the form of CeFi as well as DeFi. …

Dear BCDC Community,

The BCDC(BCDC) airdrop provided to BASIC Token(BASIC) holders from Bithumb will be distributed today and the withdrawal service for the BCDC(BCDC) will also be supported by Bithumb.

■ Withdrawal Open Time : 2021.05.27 (Thu) 12:00 (KST) scheduled

■ Distribution and Snapshot The distributed BCDC(BCDC) is trimmed by 4 decimal places and it can be verified on ‘Wallet > My Asset.’

Please refer to the following link for more details of the airdrop program.

[Announcement on the BCDC(BCDC) Airdrop for BASIC Token(BASIC) Holders]

Thank you.

Dear BCDC Community,


We are happy to announce that BASIC & BCDC have entered into a strategic partnership with DITTO, the operator of Opulous, a decentralized financial service. With this partnership, the BASIC & BCDC team plans to release the copyright-backed loans & investment products in the future through both BASIC (Ce-Fi) and BCDC (De-Fi) platforms.

Dear BCDC community,

To commemorate the successful launching of BCDC Swap, we are holding an airdrop on BCDC tokens to BASIC holders on the major crypto exchange, Bithumb.

Details are as below:

BASIC (BASIC) Snapshot BCDC Airdrop Event

BCDC snapshot date

  • 2021.04.04 (Sun) 00:00 (KST)

Event details: Differential distribution according to the holding ratio of BASIC at the time of snapshot

*The airdrop will be conducted on Bithumb, which will be announced over the coming days. Total of 5,000 BCDC will be airdropped to top BASIC holders

BCDC Airdrop Information

  • All users holding BASIC tokens on Bithumb at the time of the snapshot, will receive BCDC…

After successfully launching BCDC Swap, the liquidity has added over $1.5 million with the migration of Uniswap liquidity to BCDC’s ecosystem.

As an early phase, the project aims to create strong foundation liquidity which allows us to create new liquidity to the BCDC ecosystem. Successful completion of the first phase is achieved by creating a BCDC farming pool by putting weight on the BCDC-ETH BLP pool. Over 95% of BCDC liquidity from Uniswap has migrated to BCDC Swap.

To make BCDC swap more active and allow the users to trade with profound liquidity, BCDC will be opening an invitation-only farming…

After successfully launching BCDC SWAP, the project is preparing for the Liquidity Migration Event in order to provide more liquidity to BCDC SWAP making DEX more active.

In order to give incentives to the stakeholders to move their liquidity to BCDC SWAP, the BCDC platform will open a new pool of BCDC-ETH BCDC LP Pool.

BCDC-ETH BCDC LP Pool will have more weight on farming BCDC when staked. Current farming weight on Uniswap LP Pool and Basic Pool will be adjusted.

Make sure you migrate your liquidity to BCDC SWAP for the best opportunity to farm more BCDC.

New Pool’s farming will start in 2021. 03. 05. at 7:00 (GMT+9).

Additional pools to inspire people to provide liquidity to BCDC SWAP will be added in the future. So stay tuned for our updates!

BCDC Finance has launched a decentralized exchange ‘BCDC SWAP’ on March 4, 2021. (exchange.bcdc.finance/#/swap). BCDC Swap, which is a DEX (decentralized exchange) inspired by and hard forked from Uniswap, aims to be DEX that offers a connection between CeFi projects and DeFi.

By connecting to their Metamask Wallet or other DeFi usable wallets, anyone can use BCDC Swap 24/7, anywhere, and convert various tokens to each other with the digital assets they have.

BCDC token, which is the governance token of BCDC.finance, will also have a role as a governance token in BCDC Swap. …

BCDC Finance

http://bcdc.finance/ Bridge connecting DeFi & CeFi

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