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Punky Sun_Buy my shit coin

Punky Sun bear market ver.

Justin Sun, the creator of Tron, attended the Satoshi Roundtable and referred to Tron as “Shit Coin” after drinking alcohol Recently, a video of the situation is spreading in the community.

Coin investors are accusing Justin Sun of being a psychopath.

Punky Sun_We will see bull market



Dear Basic & BCDC Community,

Thank you for participating in our first NFT Drop Event before launching the BCDC NFT marketplace.

With the participation of our community, BCDC DEX was able to record over + $800,000 of BCDC & BASIC liquidity. There will be more events upcoming related to BCDC’s DEX and NFT marketplace. So, stay tuned for new announcements.

Winners of #1 NFT Drop Event



Dear BCDC Community,

The BCDC(BCDC) airdrop provided to BASIC Token(BASIC) holders from Bithumb will be distributed today and the withdrawal service for the BCDC(BCDC) will also be supported by Bithumb.

■ Withdrawal Open Time : 2021.05.27 (Thu) 12:00 (KST) scheduled

■ Distribution and Snapshot The distributed BCDC(BCDC) is trimmed by 4 decimal places and it can be verified on ‘Wallet > My Asset.’

Please refer to the following link for more details of the airdrop program.

[Announcement on the BCDC(BCDC) Airdrop for BASIC Token(BASIC) Holders]

Thank you.